Life groups are an essential part of being a disciple. Being a follower of Christ is much more than one hour on Sundays. The other 167 hours in a week matter. Life groups offer intimate settings to experience friendships that are real, grow in faith, and encourage one another. 


What should I expect at a Life Group?

Life Groups are people who meet together in casual settings to discuss the Bible, pray, and serve. Life Groups leaders facilitate discussions based on a topic, specific study, or last weeks sermon. You can sort by gender and life stage on our Join A Life Group page to help find a specific group you are looking for.

When and where do Life Groups meet?

The Life Group leader decides when and where the group meets. So the day, time, and location varies from group to group.  These will be listed for each group on the Join A Life Group page as well as the frequency.

How long do Life Groups meet?

Life groups meet for what we call seasons. Seasons are around ten weeks long. At the end of the season the Life Group decides what the next step is. Usually there is a break of six to eight weeks before the new season kicks off. Life Groups can continue on or new ones started!

Can I change Life Groups?

You can certainly change Life Groups. If one is not exactly the right fit try another one!

Is childcare available?

Childcare varies from group to group. It is best to contact the Life Group leader on the Join A Life Group page and ask what is available. 

I still have some questions

We would love to answer any questions you still have! If your question is about a specific Life Group you can email the leader on the Join A Life Group page. If you have a general question click here.